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Habit Tracker (Notion Template)

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New year, new habits

Whether you are trying to wake up earlier, exercise more regularly, or maintain your mental well-being by journaling every day, this minimalist Notion template can help you keep yourself accountable by allowing you to log your daily habits.

How does it work?

Upon making your payment, this site will automatically redirect you to the Notion template, which you can then duplicate and add to your own workspace. From there, you can use it as it is or customize and make it your own by replacing the icons, changing the font, and/or switching up the layout. All the heavy-duty mathwork and formulas are already integrated into the template.

What's Included?

  • Today's habits + progress bar
  • Calendar view of daily habits
  • Habits filtered by week, month
  • Overall completion rates
  • Archive of inactive habits
  • Template for individual habit
  • Habits view by category
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Habit Tracker (Notion Template)

0 ratings
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